Politician ‘Style’

My state Tamilnadu, predicts that one more person is going to join the bandwagon of already existing wonderful group of politicians! Yes, the so called ‘Super star’ Mr. Rajnikant is (as usual) threatening to enter ‘politics’ to purify my state from corruption and inertness. Even-though it is not new to us, that whenever his film is due for release or celebration, he used to utter this threat, I feel that now he has a strong temptation to do it at last. One solid reason I could find out is, that the two strong politicians of Tamilnadu, Mr. Karunanidhi and Ms. Jayalalitha are not in the scene anymore. Probably this is an ideal time for him to try his luck in the political game. Like anybody else who joins politics, he also has clearly stated that he will not tolerate anybody to enter politics to amass wealth or indulge in corruption. I felt the ‘dejavu’, as similar statements were made by Late Chief minister Mr. M.G.R in 1977. All the media in my state (and even national media too) are busy to have debates and guessing games on this. Now one question in everybody’s mind is whether the centrally ruling BJP will woo him to join them, as it may give them a good chance to enter Tamilnadu politics. Behind the scene discussions must be going on; otherwise also it may not be difficult for them. People who know the present day Indian scenario will know what I mean!

Tamilnadu people have chosen to select their Chief Minister (CM) from Tamil film industry since 1967 as all the five CM from 1967 to 2016 were from film industry. I don’t know whether it is a stuff for Guinness records; any psychiatrist or psychologist can do a Ph.D. on the state of mind of us as to why we prefer people from ‘show business’ to rule us. I know that the cine medium could be powerful in spreading messages and fashions but our state people have become addicted to believe that the ‘reel heros’ are ‘real heros’ in life. USA stopped with one President and Governor from films (Indian influence)? But we could not be stopped. In most of the other states in India, this trend is not seen. Another interesting trend with our state people is to accept persons from other state to rule us. This shows our broad-mindedness as we accept any citizen of India. We are not linguistic or cultural fanatics. Even Mr. Rajnikant stated that he spent > 40 years of his life in Chennai and he has right to call himself a ‘Tamilian’ (even-though he still cannot talk good Tamil).

Mr. Rajnikant is adored by his fans (of all ages), and believed to be a good, religious, open minded and honest person even by others who are not his fans. I wonder how they come to such conclusion. According to me, he is a good entertainer. He has good acting talent, but he does not waste his energy on that, as his mere presence, style and ‘punch’ dialogues alone are enough for his fans. He did not even make any long standing memorable social awareness film so far. As nowadays we talk about ‘corporate-social responsibility’, as a senior man in the industry he has never participated in any social activities or at-least give his opinion on any issues that our state face. He commented to his fans that as a ‘Tamilian’ he has realized his responsibility to contribute to the state now. His fans are recollecting his old ‘punch’ dialogues in films and cheer him to proceed. But with his state of mind, I am not sure whether he can withstand today’s politics independently. But it is interesting to note that all politicians of Tamilnadu are responding to his statements. Are they jittery that he could erode their vote banks as his fans are almost in every political party? (Some time ago Mr. Vijayakant, another actor-politician did that and became the opposition leader in our state legislative assembly).

The problem with democracy is that any citizen irrespective of age, gender, religion or literacy can become a chief minister. Yes, Mr. Rajni has every right under the constitution to aspire to become CM of any state. As I said, we are broad minded and strong hearted people. If one more CM is from the film world, we can tolerate him too, as we got used to it for the last 50 years. We will sincerely believe that our hero will save us, the poor people, from evil and corruption as he does in his films!

God bless my state!




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