Religion or Humanism?

Since 2014 in India, we see the surge of religious ‘war of words’ between different religions in the social media, as well as in the television and press media. It is worse now (at least seems to be) when compared to Shri. Atalji’s rule during 1999-2004. There are enough reasons for that. The social media network was not available at that time to spread venomous messages. Shri. Vajpayee was considered a moderate gentleman, who did not consider the RSS agenda very much. His team did not contain people whose speeches created any religious controversies. The opposition somehow accepted him and did not irritate him every other day with unnecessary protests. But Mr. Modi’s phenomenal rise to become the Prime minister of a majority govt. and almost an annihilation of the Congress and opposition parties, have created the present day chaos. Opposition is surprised that despite the unpopular steps which Modi took in economical and administrative fronts, still BJP seems to win many state elections! Hence naturally the wounded foes join together against him everywhere, and creating a hysteria about threat to other religions. Probably that is the only weapon left with them. ‘Secularism threat’ is their slogan. Some fringe Hindu religious groups who create problems in many states, help their agenda indirectly.

It is often told that all religions preach peace and they are created to help us to be good human beings. Is it so? Well, I doubt it. Religious preaching can be interpreted in different ways by different persons. It is only the religious leaders, who spoil the humanity by their wrong interpretations, and push people to the edge. I shall narrate a small story here, which I have heard in my very young age and it had occupied my heart like a carving! A guru was returning after the river bath, along with his gurukulum disciples; he was teaching them about, how God is present in every living being in the world. He told that, if a human being lives his life in a disciplined, honest and good way with respect for others, God will never punish him. On their way, they saw people running in the opposite direction, chased by a raging bull. They saw the bull’s owner shouting at them to run into the nearby houses to escape from the bull’s fury. The Guru advised all the disciples to run; but one disciple refused to do so and he told the guru that he wanted to test guru’s teaching about God. He said that if God is in every living being, He might be inside that raging bull too. Since the disciple was an honest boy, the God inside the bull would do no harm to him. Hence, despite the warning he stood in the middle of the street. The bull just hit him and threw him on the roadside. Then the guru returned back from the safe place to help him. The disciple told the guru that his teaching was wrong as the God in the bull punished him. The guru replied that the same God warned him thru the bull’s owner and others to run to a safe place. Since he didn’t listen to God’s words, but blindly believed only the guru’s words, he got the punishment!

This story taught me that blind faith in anything is not rationale. God gave human beings a special gift – the sixth sense. He has given us a good brain to see, hear, think, interpret, analyze and solve any problem. Otherwise science would not have developed to this extent. If God is kind enough to give an excellent thinking brain to us, then why can’t we use it properly?  We should not believe anything blindly and have a faith in anything blindly. Blind faith leads to fanaticism only. There are enough fanatics in every religion. Fanaticism leads to hatred against fellow human beings. Hatred leads to crimes upto terrorism! That is the reason for the chaotic state of the world today. If religion preaches violence please prepare to shun the religion. Humanism should get the priority over religion. During disaster times such as flood, storm or earthquake, religions disappear and humanism takes over all over the world. Why can’t it continue forever? Do we need disaster every time, to prove that we are human beings with good heart? Please keep your God inside your heart, keep your religion inside your house, come out and behave as persons with love and humanism. We are not born to protect religions, but to live as good human beings. There should be only one faith: faith in the fellow human being! Hence please do not spread religious hatred thru social media; discuss about protecting a good and healthy environment for us and our future generations. If you do not like a political party, show your anger in the elections. Remember, our political leaders come from us only!

Anbe Sivam! (Love is God)








One thought on “Religion or Humanism?

  1. Very nice read dear opinion is that religion and castism are mostly used by people who have hidden agenda’s in their heart, as it is the most convenient platform used to come closer and get connected to other fellows to get their agenda’s fulfilled.But I have seen if someone has low moral values and are dishonest when it comes to their personal interest they cheat everyone and forget the religion and caste during such situations.


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